The Finsbury Green, Star Rating system (FGSR) is an environmental assessment protocol for the broader printing industry and Finsbury Green's outsourcing network. It is independently audited and validated by current environmental science sourced from the Australian Government's Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, National Greenhouse Accounts Factors, and the National Carbon Offset Standard.

This version has been reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts and science professionals. It provides an open and transparent environmental rating for offset and digital printers and as a consequence highlights areas for improvement.
Guidance on the FGSR
The instruction 'Upload documentary evidence to validate these claims.' throughout the FGSR, refers to whether a particular activity and the subsequent claim, can be externally verified.
This could be in the form of an audit by an appropriately qualified independent professional, statements from suppliers, consultant's reports, invoices or any other supporting documentation that you believe will validate the claim.
It does not refer to an ISO or SGP internal or external audit necessarily, as these audits are based on process conformity, rather than statistical accuracy.
YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR EVIDENCE IN PDF FORMAT FOR REVIEW. (10Mb limit for all uploaded documents in total)
Download here - A guide to the Finsbury Green Star Rating (FGSR)
This guide aims to assist printers to understand the FGSR questionnaire.
Important reminder
Respondents are reminded that when answering these questions and providing information, truthfulness and transparency is a legal obligation under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
For further information refer to the Green marketing and the Australian Consumer Law, which is a guide to educate businesses about their obligations regarding environmental claims and aims to assist manufacturers, suppliers, advertisers and others to assess the strength of any environmental claims they make.
Please read the questions first, as there is a requirement to provide data and upload documents before completing the FGSR.
The FGSR assumes that if a check box is unchecked or data is not uploaded, that the response is NO.
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